Great Scott Manufacturing Standing Ovation Guitar Accessory So your guitar won't rock 'n roll when you do.
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Do you play an Ovation Guitar?

Does your guitar rock and roll when
you don't want it to?

Get flat back comfort from your round back!

Experience the very best of both worlds!

With a "Standing Ovation", it is now possible to experience the awesome tone of a round back with the playing comfort of a flat back.

It's great for playing in the sitting position as well. Fits all (right hand) Ovation and Applause models regardless of bowl depth or control panel layout. Bass guitars included. Includes all Velcro tabs, alcohol prep pad for cleaning guitar surface, and simple mounting instructions.

  • 100% Manufactured in the United States of America
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Prompt Service

*OVATION is a registered trademark of Kaman Music Corporation, and we are in no way affiliated with KMC.

Standing Ovation Guitar Accessory
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